Guide to ABSTRACT Submission

Before you follow the link at the bottom of the page to submit your abstract you will need to be enrolled at a Western Australian University and have following information on hand:

  • Abstract content: including a title, main text that is no more than 2500 characters (including spaces), and four (4) keywords.

  • Any references (optional) included in the abstract formatted in accordance with the Science citation style.

  • Name and affiliation of all authors and co-authors (up to 10 possible) associated with the abstract.

  • Two (2) suitable 6-digit Field of Research (FoR) codes that apply to the content of your abstract.

  • As an option, a greyscale figure (file size not exceeding 10 MB) may be submitted for publication with your abstract in the abstract volume.

In addition to the above information you will be asked to confirm that your abstract may be published in the GSA national compilation following the conference. If you are unsure whether your work contains confidential information please check with your supervisor before submitting. Abstracts that are not approved for publication will still be accepted for presentation at the conference.

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